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Project Management Essentials - 1 day programs

Projects need not be filled with anxiety, stress, worry and fear. While this notion is indeed logical; too many project manager’s manage without a few simple best practices that, when followed, bring about an enjoyable and nearly stress free executing of the project. It starts with project selection, building a plan, executing the plan and closing. It’s that simple. Will changes come? Definitely! Do we have a plan set up to handle those changes and risks that come to fruition? Definitely!

Our program identifies the key reasons for project stress and fear, and the tools, techniques and process that will mitigate or eliminate them.

Let’s start enjoying our projects and avoid all those. “Well, now what?” moments. You’ve heard “Work smarter, not harder". Now, let us give you the tools to do just that.

Program Objectives

  • To promote a more disciplined and standardized approach to project management that is in alignment with PMI® standards.

  • Firm understanding of the value of:

    • Managing project risk; both threats and uncertain opportunities.

    • Change Management (How to locate changes before they grow into expensive and

      challenging problems)

    • Managing Stakeholder Engagement (How to keep stakeholders engaged and

      informed and the value of this work)

    • Project information (Managing the multitude of project information)

    • Managing Quality (Showing proven methods to plan, execute and control quality)

    • Managing the project’s Scope, Schedule & Budget

    • Managing communication

    • Managing the project team

  • Provide a complete understanding of the complexity and disciplines of project management

    Expected Benefits

• Increased knowledge, improved skills and greater efficiency in completing projects through a sound project management methodology. Complete understanding of the purpose of properly initiating, planning and estimating, executing, controlling and closing projects.