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Agile/Scrum Training & Scrum Master Training - Corporate Events, Genentech Campus, South San Francisco

Agile/Scrum Training & Scrum Master Training - Corporate Events, Genentech Campus, South San Francisco

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Product Code: GENENTECH-2-DAY-SCRUM.2019

Scrum and Agile are here at Genentech. Don't be left behind! Learn Scrum and Agile by attending this fun and valuable 2-day training with Genentech and Roche's premier Scrum training, Scott Hamilton at the Genentech Campus!

Adaptive and Iterative Products
Projects where the product is subject to many changes, due to a variety of variables, it would be unwise and somewhat reckless to define an undefinable scope.
This is where the Agile methodology of Scrum can help. Scrum is based on the idea of a continually changing product and thus prepares for the inevitable through the use of a variety of tools, techniques, and principles. You'll take with you this knowledge from the program and a lot more.

PM Accelerated Learning Servicestwo-day training and certification program will have you and your team ready to take on Scrum projects the day after you complete the course!

The program is based on Scrumstudy's SBOK
® and covers the key concepts, processes, and tools to have you ready to confidently run projects using Scrum.

What you'll learn in this program:

1. Learn project adaptability and be ready for the customer's product changes.

2. Learn an easy and fast method for maintaining project transparency so stakeholders are always informed

3. Learn how to provide the customer and other stakeholders with an efficient, streamlined approach to getting their feedback for the betterment of the product.

4. Learn ways to promote continuous product and process improvement

5. Learn to provide continuous delivery of value to the customer. Your customer will receive usable results in weeks instead of months.

6. Learn how to maintain a sustainable pace - No more regular 60-hour work weeks!

8. Learn our efficient and rapid product development process

9. Motivation - Every team member shares in the ownership of creating a valuable product!

10. Faster Problem Resolution - The team collaborates continually and throughout the workday.

11. Customer-Centric - The team knows exactly what to deliver to the customer because the customer is part of the team!

12. High Trust Environment - The Scrum team has the autonomy to run the project as they determine collaboratively, the best process for success.

13. Collective Ownership - One metric...Did the project succeed?

14. High Velocity - Products are completed quicker with every Sprint

15. Innovative Environment - The method breeds creativity, resulting in better processes to complete the work.

Contact the instructor Scott Hamilton at scott@pmals.net for your questions
  • Finally! Get your questions answered about Scrum. This is a fun and informative class!